Aglow International Switzerland (English)


Romans 12 v.11: aglow with the Spirit! 

In 1967 four women in the US started with Aglow. This Christian movement spread quickly all over the world. From the beginning, the move of the Holy Spirit was key. Aglow brings changes into our lives.

For quite some time, the main focus was to encourage women. This is also true for Switzerland. Thousands experienced healing in their soul and in their body. Women from different churches and social backgrounds began to understand and assume their godly responsibility within society.

In Switzerland, the first Aglow meetings took place in 1981. Soon several groups developed. At present, there are different local groups, some of them building up anew. In the last years, men and also young people have joined Aglow.

During Aglow’s years God has given us certain mandates which we, in the ministry worldwide, give attention to.

  • Reconciliation between male and female after God’s original plan (1981);
  • Love, prayer and support for the Muslim people (1991)
  • Love and support for the nation of Israel to fulfil its calling (2001)
  • Anti-Human Trafficking (2011)

In national conferences, seminars and local meetings we aim to

  • restore people to a radiant place of relationship with God and one another. This happens first and foremost through renewing of the mind, refining of character and getting a clearer picture of both God’s identity and our identity, and our personal calling in Jesus Christ.
  • teach and empower people to become effective in the kingdom of God
  • have an influence through prayer in all aspects of life in Switzerland and worldwide

Aglow International Switzerland offers a variety of possibilities to start a local group. Examples: groups for women, men, couples, mixed groups, groups for women with small children, young people, those speaking other languages, as well as Aglow@home.


English-speaking Aglow in Switzerland enjoys close links with European English Aglow 


Many English-speakers come to Switzerland for work, because of family, or to study. We seek to 

  • Connect with those who are new in the country, give
  • help in understanding the Swiss culture, 
  • reach out to those who have no family near, 
  • introduce people to Jesus, 
  • support and encourage believers in their walk with Christ and 
  • team up with Aglow friends. 

A group usually starts upon the initiative of one or more interested persons, who get in contact with the national board of Aglow. Together we look for ways to start and give practical and spirituel support.

We would be delighted to hear from you!

Aglow International Switzerland