Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever

Friday, 14 July 2017

Jane Hansen Hoyt

"...we are designed to live from Heaven to earth." We live in a world of change. Life is about change. Changing global pressures that require new solutions. Changing social issues that seem to jar our senses. Changing weather patterns that cause us to wonder about the greater issue of climate change. Change is all around us.

Then there are the more personal changes that can alter life as we have known it. The death of a spouse. Changing family dynamics. Changes in relationships. Changing health issues…and the list goes on.

Yes, life is change!

The very nature of change can be exciting and unsettling simultaneously, depending on the nature of the change. Change can be a good thing. It can bring fresh, new opportunities and fresh perspectives that add a sense of liveliness and a feeling of exhilaration and spontaneity to our lives in a healthy way.

There are times when change is forced upon us and it can bring grief, uncertainty and life alterations that are difficult to navigate. Several years ago, I experienced the death of my husband. There was a huge sense of loss and grief. But, it was also disorienting. I had been part of a couple for years. Now what was I? I had been a wife, now I was single. It seemed that many aspects of my life were now vastly different than what I had known for over 30 years and it would take time to learn how to walk in a different reality.

Some have experienced the loss of a child. I watched my parents experience the loss of their only son when he was just 29 years of age. The grief was fierce.

Then there are things like a sudden job loss or a change in your financial stability. Something life altering has been thrust upon you and you cannot find your footing. Change can happen quickly and at any point.

Life is chance. Growth is optional

Change can become one of our greatest teachers if we embrace and acknowledge the reality of it. Change can also be one of our greatest opportunities for an upgrade in our walk with Jesus. Change, problem situations, even grief and loss becomes a vulnerable place to learn the depths of comfort available for us in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Life-changes bring us to an intimate place in our fellowship with Christ. We may go through a period of uncertainty, doubt, even anger, but as we wait on Him, He is always faithful to meet us exactly where we are and walk us into a place of wonder and awe at His extreme faithfulness.

As believers, we live in two realms. So, we know that every situation we face has two solutions. The greatest solution is found in Heavenly places in Christ where we can develop a richer Kingdom mindset. We can discover anew that we don’t live from earth to Heaven, but we are designed to live from Heaven to earth. We can learn that if I am in Christ, so are all of my circumstances!

The same yesterday, today, and forever

Coming to a deeper experiential knowing of the unchanging faithfulness of God will bring you into a deeper place of rest then you ever thought possible. And rest becomes a powerful weapon in our lives.

To also truly know His unchanging love for you is life altering. This can be a time you explore further what it means to be a joint-heir with Christ and an heir of God. What an upgrade.

To truly discover and know His faithfulness for what He is today, we find Him tomorrow, the next day, and the next year.

To truly find a firm, unchanging foundation on which you can stand in the midst of an ever changing world, is to find a place of refuge, a resting place and a place of strength from which you can now begin to move out into a restless, unsettled world to bring the life giving truths you have discovered in greater depths.

Yes, life is change. Growth is optional. Upgrades are possible.

We owe it to Christ to live in His fullness.

We are moving into the place of living more fully in our God given inheritance.